4pk Kraft Cardboard Bottle Carrier

Our Kraft Bottle Carriers are made from heavy cardboard stock. 150 units per case.

Don't be fooled by the competition and their hidden costs -- Our bottle carriers are stronger with an added support slot on the bottom of each holder. The rest of the competition is selling carriers with a single slot, making it more vulnerable to breakage!

Avoid the mess, stick with the quality that's proven!

See the product photos on this page for easy reference.

1 case - $92 ($80)
2 cases - $85 ($77)
3+ cases - $80 ($72)

Also comes as a 6-pack Carrier.

12oz Cardboard Beer Bottle Carrier - Universal Fit
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  • Item #: 150-4CB-kra
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Unit Price $92.00
2 or more $77.00 each
3 or more $72.00 each
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